Zach Kenner and John Stallone talk Mule deer hunting public land:

Zach shares with us his tactics for goign on adventure hunts to differnt states and differnt terrain and the tools he uses to get it done.

Fidn out more about Zach Kenner and see and read some of his adventures

Zach's Bio: I am a hardcore DYI western hunter who makes backcountry hunting films. I then share my films either on youtube and or in film festivals. I try to be a positive role model for not only conservation and the sport of hunting, but also for the younger generation that might look up to me. I don't necessarily like to call myself a "Pro". Because pros get paid to do a task, more like a job. Instead i like to call myself a dedicated hunter/videographer who's true passion is conserving wildlife and being in the outdoors. We chose to call ourselves Hard Working Hunters not just because we work hard throughout the year so that we can hunt, But Also because when we hunt, we hunt hard with a passion and desire to know what’s over the next ridge! 

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